Locally Based & Locally Owned. Isa Therapy has been providing therapy services to Mount Isa since 2012. We are passionate about our local community and about providing quality, client- centred services.

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92 Marian St

Pioneer QLD 4825

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About Us

Isa Therapy Services was established in 2012 to meet the need for a locally based allied health service that could provide therapy services to children and adults who were not able to access the support they required through the publicly funded health sector. Over the past 8 years, Isa Therapy has grown and adapted to meet local needs and provides services of an exceptional range and quality to the Mount Isa community.

Our Service Model

At Isa Therapy we use a client and family centred practice model. This model places the YOU the client at the centre of all intervention and supports you, your family, and your caregivers to be active participants in therapy.

Our therapy services:

  • are based on collaborative relationships with YOU the client, YOUR caregivers and other key support people identified by YOU.
  • are focussed on YOUR goals.
  • support the active involvement of YOU and YOUR and caregivers throughout all stages of therapy.
  • are wholistic,
  • focus on YOUR performance and participation.

We recognise that every client’s journey is different, and we individualise the therapy process to meet YOUR needs.

What to expect

Goal Setting:

When engaging with Isa Therapy Services you will have an initial appointment with your therapist where we will take time to understand your needs and what you are looking for in a therapy service.

Goal setting is often the most important part of the therapy process and sometimes we may spend several sessions working with you on identifying and prioritizing your goals. We will support you to identify ‘functional’ goals which are goals that are meaningful to you and will help make a difference to your everyday life.


Once you have worked with your therapist and established your goals for therapy, your therapist will undertake some assessment with you to determine where you are currently performing and to determine the focus for therapy intervention.

Intervention Plan:

On completion of assessment, your therapist will work with you, your family and your care team to develop an intervention plan. This plan will include what steps are involved in achieving your goals including how often you will have therapy sessions, where therapy will take place, who will be involved in the therapy process and how we will review our progress.


Intervention or ‘therapy’ will be different for different people and for different goals. Intervention might include;

  • 1:1 therapy session in our clinic rooms,working with you out in the community or in your home,
  • developing a home program for you to work on your goals independently,
  • making changes to the environment in which you live,
  • work or play, providing education or training to your support team or family members,
  • advocating with you or on your behalf,
  • supporting you to access the necessary resources to achieve your goals.

At the end of the intervention process, or periodically throughout, we will evaluate your progress towards your chosen goals.

This will involve exploring with you and your care team things such as;

  • Was the goal achieved?
  • If not, what has been achieved or changed?
  • What worked well?
  • What didn’t work so well? And what do we need to do differently next time?

At the end of the intervention process some of our client’s will no longer need our support, others may choose to re-engage with us to address further goals.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer O’Neill
Owner / Occupational Therapist / Behaviour Support Practitioner
Jemima Olorenshaw
Occupational Therapist
Annette Gordon
Therapy Assistant
Erica Shaw
Administration Officer
Sophie Greenhalgh
Junior Administration Officer